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Nuovo Revenue Cycle was established with one mission: Offer physician and non-physician practices an affordable, outsourced experienced staff dedicated solely to the field of medical billing, collections, and the understanding of the ever moving target of healthcare insurance.

Formerly known as Surgbill, Inc.
Billing for non-physician surgical assistants since 1998



We utilize a state of the art medical billing cloud based software programmed from the ground up and customized for Nuovo’s clients based on their specialty and credentialing.


Our staff has extensive experience in the billing and collections of medical claims, we specialize in primary care and surgical specialties for both physicians and non-physician providers specifically in surgical assistant billing.


Our cloud based solution provides 24/7 availability to your reports and where each one of your claims is at in the process. Transparency and communication is our commitment to all of our clients.


Infrastructure and Technology

Our robust billing engine ensures that you get paid the maximum amount for the services you provide. Easily catch potential issues before claim submission with over three million CCI, HIPAA, and payer-specific checks, ensuring each claim you submit has the highest possible acceptance rate. With real-time eligibility checks, direct payer connections, automated claim status updates, and an easy-to-use appeals system.

24/7 Availability

Our cloud based solution provides 24/7 availability to your reports and where each one of your claims is at in the process. Transparency and communication is our commitment to all of our clients. Your Data. Anytime. Access your data anywhere, any time from your computer, tablet, or smart phone.


Our team has over 25 years of experience in the medical billing and collections in different specialties including non-physician practices and services including surgical assistant billing. It’s also crucial to stay on top of the ever-changing regulatory framework and new policies, such as the transition to the more complex ICD-10 coding that took place in October 2015. If the proper time and attention are not given to the billing process, you might end up losing out on a substantial amount of money.



We can start immediately after we receive information from your staff and your signed agreement. The data set up will only take a few days and we can process your superbills right away. Processing your claims electronically, however, may take up to six weeks. You will have to complete registration forms and receive your electronic provider numbers, but while we wait for the insurance companies, we will process your claims by paper. To get started, you will receive a welcome packet containing forms for your completion and detailed instructions regarding all paperwork. We need information about you and all the insurance companies you participate with..

We do not bind you to a long–term commitment. Our initial contract is for 12 months, however you are free to cancel at the beginning of any month with a minimum of 30 days notice. Fees vary according to the practice, the size, specialty and volume of claims. But we do not get paid unless you get paid first! We are paid once a month on a percentage basis. We only bill you once a month for the EOB’s and superbills we have processed and paid. It may be two months before you get your first invoice. Depending on the size of your practice, there might be a charge for credentialing.

We will have your patient statements printed and mailed out for you. We process patient statements monthly and automatically resend unpaid statements after 30 days with a reminder for payment. If you want Nuovo Revenue Cycle to accept credit cards in your behalf, there will be an additional charge.

Upon receipt of the EOB, we will follow–up on any denied or rejected claims. We work on each claim until it has been paid or a valid response for non–payment has been given. This is where Nuovo Revenue Cycle excels, by continuously following up to ensure you receive the revenue due to you!

We use Stripe as our merchant credit card and ACH provider, if you would like to make a payment please click on the button below:

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